The All-New Chrysler Pacifica Safety Features

Take a closer look at the new Chrysler Pacifica family minivan to see why it is so popular.

When you are going to shift into reverse, the Chrysler Pacifica has the Cross-Traffic Alert feature that will be activated. The way this works is the sensors in the rear of the vehicle identify anything moving that could be in your path and will flash a number of alerts on the mirrors or dash, so you take corrective action.

The reason the Enhanced Active Park Assist is such a valuable feature in the Chrysler Pacifica is because it makes finding the right space to park a breeze. Activate the feature, the system will prompt the driver when to shift, accelerate and brake, as the vehicle controls the steering into that space.

To see these features working in real-time, take the Chrysler Pacifica on the road right now at Detroit Lakes Chrysler Dodge & Jeep for a test drive.

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