There Are Benefits to Both a Full-Size Spare and A Compact Temporary Spare Tire

Although some vehicles are now coming with a built-in air compressor instead of a spare tire in order to save space and reduce weight, most vehicles still come standard with a spare. Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, you will most likely have either a full size spare or a compact temporary tire - also commonly referred to as a "doughnut" tire.

A full-size spare is nice to have despite taking up much more room and obviously weighing quite a bit. These are typically found in full size vehicles like trucks or SUV's. The nice thing about having a full-size spare is that it has no restrictions on it as far as speed or distance traveled. It is the same all-around tire as the other four on your vehicle.

A compact temporary is only recommended to use for about 50 miles maximum. In truth, once you put it on your next stop should really be the tire shop for a repair. They are not designed for extended use. Rather, they are designed with reduced space and weight in mind.

If you have any questions regarding your spare tire or are not sure what your vehicle came equipped with, then ask one of the experts in our service center here at Detroit Lakes Chrysler Dodge & Jeep in Detroit Lakes, MN.

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